Monday, 2 May 2016

Travelxp HD launches in Bengali feed

The move to introduce the channel in Bengali comes with the aim to connect with regional audiences and broaden the audiences base.. Viewers will now be able to experience the programming content of travelxp in Bengali including shows such as Bliss, World Spa, Backpack, Great World Hotels, Strictly Street, xp guide, Food Fact Fun, etc.
Commenting on the development, Prashant Chothani, CEO, travelxp said,”Bengalis love to travel. It’s there in their genes and they enjoy the experience every bit of it. We are extremely excited to launch Bengali feed for travelxp HD. Our association and connect with the Bengali viewers is a long one. Sangeet Bangla, our sister channel has been winning the hearts over a decade now and we are extremely excited to position ourselves in the Top 2 needs of Bengalis, Entertainment & Travel.”
Bengalis are among the Top 3 traveller communities in India. Education, travel, food and culture are given high importance in Bengali society. Travelxp’s Bengali feed launch, this Poila Boisakh will give Bengalis not only the opportunity to discuss and debate about their upcoming holiday plans this summer but also refresh their memories of favourite holidays through the stunning visuals on travelxp.